There are many options for financing your risk—and based on our risk analysis and business conversations, we’ll recommend the right risk financing strategy for you. And when the time comes, we’ll be there to guide you through the claims process as well.


With your risk analysis as a basis, we will gain an understanding of the degree to which your firm is willing to incur risk.


We will recommend options for the transfer of your risks that align your ability and willingness to accept a specified level of risk.

Traditional Insurance Placement

As one of the top 100 brokerage firms in the United States and with over 50 years in the commercial insurance space, MJ has formed strong relationships with the top national and regional insurance carriers throughout the country. We are well equipped to utilize our market clout in providing the best insurance options for your risk transfer needs.

Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

We are also equipped to provide consultation on the utilization of alternative forms for risk transfer as compared to traditional commercial insurance, including captives/risk retention groups (RRG’s), self-insurance, and other non-traditional insurance vehicles