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MJ Insurance exists to inspire the success, fulfillment, and wellbeing of each person we serve: our associates and their families, business partners, clients, and our community. We make the organizations we work with better, smarter, and more efficient. And we’re changing the way people think about insurance—always raising the bar about what you should expect from your insurance and risk management agency.

Our Indianapolis Office is Moving!

We will be relocating to our new corporate headquarters on August 4, 2018.

MJ Insurance Office Move


As of November 20, 2017, our Indianapolis has moved to a temporary location. Until our new building is complete in Summer 2018, please use PO Box 50435, Indianapolis, IN 46250 for any correspondence.

Our Indianapolis Office is Moving!

We will be relocating to our new corporate headquarters on August 4, 2018.

Blockchain – Continued Development and Adoption Across Industries Creates a Moving Target for Many Businesses

In our first blog about blockchain, we explained what this new technology is and why companies are showing increased interest in its capabilities, from improved security and shared information to exact documentation of every data edit. Different from conventional databases, which use a hub and spoke structure with a central server to provide access to... Continue reading.

OSHA Compliance Bulletin:

On April 30, 2018, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced it will require all establishments affected by the electronic reporting rule to submit their 2017 data to OSHA by July 1, 2018. This announcement clarifies the requirement for establishments in states with an OSHA-approved plan. These establishments must submit electronic reports, regardless of... Continue reading.

6 things every HR Pro should know about cyber security

Cyber Security is a huge buzz word in corporate America these days, especially with all the data breaches and hacks we’ve witnessed in the recent past from well-known companies many of us interact with on a fairly regular basis. These breaches not only negatively impact customers, they have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences for the companies... Continue reading.
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