Risk Management

Manufacturing companies have faced unique challenges in recent years: the crushing recession, global competition, shortage of skilled labor, and the movement to a “service” economy.

MJ understands these challenges and we’re ready to help—it’s something our dedicated manufacturing team has been doing for decades.

Most manufacturing operations require significant capital investment. So adequately insuring your assets is key, but it’s more critical to insure for the loss of income due to business interruption, whether directly at your facility or somewhere in the supply chain. Knowing your supply chain risk, developing a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, and accurately quantifying your business income risk are some examples of how MJ aligns insurance and risk management programs to ensure your success.

With the shrinkage of skilled workers in the workforce, workers’ compensation has become even more challenging. Fatigue, lack of training, and lifestyle factors such as obesity are leading to an increase in severity of injuries. Our manufacturing team has recognized the need to take a holistic approach to reducing costs associated with workplace injuries. Our consulting approach takes into account the risk culture of your business, and how production demands and safety behaviors are managed. Then, using analytics to identify trends, we provide recommendations to ensure you are managing your risks as effectively as possible.

Ongoing education is a big part of our commitment to our partners. When our clients are knowledgeable, they make better decisions, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. When you combine our commitment to client education with our decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, it becomes clear that we do more than save you money. We help you run a better, smarter, more successful business.

So whether you’re pouring molten iron in a foundry or baking silicon chips in a clean room, you can count on us to understand your process risk—from supply chain risk from vendors to customers to human capital risk, and everything in between.

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