Risk Management

Coal has been a critical fuel for power generation for over a century, and remains a vital part of the worldwide economy.

For over forty years, MJ has worked with coal mine owners and operators to help them achieve their long-term goals, and we apply our deep understanding of the risks involved with this changing industry to design programs to reduce your total cost of risk.

For example, during the 1970’s, the cost of workers’ compensation insurance was rising out of control and options were limited. We found a solution: a proprietary dividend program that has since saved our mining clients millions of dollars.

To help you maximize profits, we create proprietary insurance and risk management programs designed just for you—and we continue to maintain relationships with the world’s most reputable mining insurers so that you have access to the best options.

As government administrations have changed, so has the regulatory environment. Obtaining reclamation bonds is critical to permitting. And since we recognize the value of using real-time geological data to gauge reclamation needs, we can negotiate more favorable terms with the sureties providing the bonds, leading to huge benefits for our clients.

With increased regulatory scrutiny, market pressures due to lower cost of natural gas, and shifts to alternative generating methods, the coal industry is facing challenging times. But we continue to put our expertise to work for mining companies across the country, and we’re still finding innovative ways to help them thrive.

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