Risk Management

Construction and surety have been at the core of MJ’s business since we opened our doors more than 50 years ago.

We’re experts in managing the risk associated with building products, environmental remediation, project development, construction and surety—all the way to property management and demolition. Our team is purposefully constructed to produce a collective pool of knowledge that is unparalleled in depth but consciously narrow in scope.

Our focus is to learn about what makes your organization unique and what you’re trying to achieve. Once we’ve accomplished that, we design a risk management plan or surety program to help catalyze your success. And while we are practiced at placing products, our greater value comes from functioning as an extension of your risk or finance department.

MJ’s dedicated construction and surety team is led by individuals who come from diverse backgrounds—everything from contracting to banking. Drawing on our industry knowledge, we’re not only able to provide proactive solutions through our partnerships and resources—but also experienced enough to assist with organizational deployment.

Our surety team works hand-in-hand with our insurance professionals to deliver unparalleled service for your surety needs. Together, we understand the complexities of the surety business and are staffed to meet the time sensitive demands of those we serve.

Our professionals provide assistance in areas such as contract review, onerous bond forms or contract provisions, financial statement analysis, subcontractor prequalification, succession planning, joint venture formations and more. We provide critical advice that helps you maximize the surety support you receive on the best terms possible. Having built key relationships across all layers of the surety industry, we remove the uncertainty associated with the surety underwriting process and build a foundation for long-term success.

Our Approach

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