In order to better align your risk management strategy with your corporate objectives, we first take a deep dive and perform a comprehensive risk analysis of your firm. This quantitative and qualitative analysis will allow us to understand your risk profile and tailor the proper treatment for your exposures in alignment with your overall strategy.

Our risk analysis provides the basis for analyzing the various risk financing alternatives available.

Cost of Risk Analysis

As a baseline measurement for your overall risk profile, we determine your overall historical cost of risk to use as a benchmark for future business decisions. This metric can be shared across the organization to help impact the culture.

Risk Culture Assessment

With your total cost of risk understood, we will conduct an assessment of your culture around risk management. What are the habits of your organization that have driven the results to date, what steps have you taken to initiate change, and what investments are you willing to make? This assessment will identify, among other items, your investment in a risk management infrastructure to control your exposures to risk as well as your risk tolerance.

Risk Mapping & Emerging Risk Identification

Once your critical risks have been identified, including those that are new or previously unknown, we assess the probable frequency and severity of the events and, quantitatively, assess the impact they would have on your organization.

Benchmarking & Forecasting

Benchmarking can be both internal and external: using your own historical data to develop trends and then setting goals to “bend the trend” is one example. Another method is reviewing peer data and applying comparative analysis so the data makes sense for your business. We can do both.

Forecasting is a means of level-setting: what happens if we do nothing and keep getting what we’re getting? What could happen if we commit to changing our behaviors, and subsequent risk culture, to improve our results? Seeing the possible future helps companies make the right decisions.