Indio is a highly secure, online platform designed to gather information and provide a modern, streamlined client experience.


  • Quick Access: This online portal allows you real-time access to your insurance information and forms—whenever and wherever you may need them.
  • Greater Efficiency:  All data “smart maps” between forms…so no more multiple data entry! Input your company name on one application and it’s automatically done on all other forms!
  • Document Upload:  Users can upload and download documents as needed. All documents that are exchanged through the platform are passed through an anti-virus software to ensure that no malicious content is shared.
  • Digital Forms: You can assign applications, forms, or even sections within applications to specific points-of-contact within your organization. This reduces the need to print, scan and sign forms offline.
  • Digital Signatures:  Sign all of your applications and forms live on the platform using the Indio e-signature solution.
  • Secure:  Rest assured that your data is secure and completely confidential.


Watch the video to learn how to use the Indio online platform!