Careers & Culture

MJ YOUniversity is an employee development program dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our associates.

We believe that if you’re happy, successful and focused in your personal life, you will be the same way at work—which is why we created MJ YOUniversity.

The MJ YOUniversity program is based on our core values.

We can tailor our programs to emphasize any of these core values to fit the specific needs of each associate. MJ YOUniversity is just one more way we’re helping our employees find their purpose and live a fulfilling life—a philosophy that’s been guiding our business since day one.

MJYOUniversity Resources
  • Leadership & Personal Development Programs
    • Leader in Training
    • Personal Finance
    • Goal Setting
    • Time Management
    • Communication
    • Conflict
    • Stress Management
  • A Healthier You – Wellness Programs
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Fit 15
    • Get Fit with Frawley
    • MyClinic at OurHealth
  • MJ YOUniversity Resource Center
  • Online Courses
  • Live Classes
  • Technical Courses
  • Online Learning Portal
  • And much more!

our core values

MJ Insurance core values graphic.