Careers & Culture

Helping our associates grow both professionally and personally is key to our business model at MJ Insurance.

We understand that there is more to your life than your day job—and that by succeeding in your personal life, you’re more likely to succeed in your professional life. So we actively encourage our employees to find their true purpose in life, and we’ll do whatever we can to help them accomplish that purpose.

Having people on our team with an ongoing desire to learn and grow helps us better serve our clients. That’s why purpose-driven, aspirational people are at the heart of our business. By valuing strong relationships and working for our clients with a strong sense of engagement, we’ve created mutually beneficial partnerships that last for decades.

If you want to work on becoming a better person, and you want to work for a company that supports this desire, MJ is the place for you. We have everything to help our employees achieve their life-long goals, including the extensive resources provided through MJ YOUniversity. And we also provide countless opportunities for associates to improve their overall wellbeing through A Healthier YOU, MJ’s wellness program.

At MJ, we put our people and their families first. We want to see them grow and develop in positive ways that they may have never even thought possible. This means happier, more fulfilling lives for our employees—and better results and more long-term success for our clients, too.


our core values

MJ Insurance core values graphic.