Benefits Consulting

The cost of poor health is substantial, not only the direct cost of medical care and prescription drugs, but also the expense of lost productivity and absenteeism. That’s why MJ takes a different approach to wellness.

We look beyond traditional wellness programs to create a comprehensive, effective strategy based on analysis of your employee population and health patterns. This data-driven approach is used to design a program intended to increase employee morale, establish a proactive organizational culture and reduce your overall healthcare expenses.


Diving into the Data

At MJ, we believe data is the key. Our data-driven Population Health process uncovers health risks specific to your own employees, identifies trends and provides the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Data also drives the tailored design of your own organization’s strategic plan and helps us establish the key performance indicators, or KPIs, that will be used to evaluate the plan’s effectiveness and results after implementation.


Developing Your Population Health Strategy

We break down your Population Health strategy into five key steps which allows you to quantify your healthcare spend and measure return on investment (ROI), uncover health habits and trends for your entire medical-eligible population, drive partner accountability to achieve intended results and allows for continual adjustment based on real-time data.

We provide a comprehensive data analysis to help you fully understand both current and future risks. Our predictive modeling tool, powered by the Johns Hopkins ACG® System, allows us to:

  • Uncover gaps in care
  • Assess compliance rates
  • Provide individual risk scores
  • Estimate the healthcare cost per member per year (PMPY)

By utilizing MJ’s proprietary analytics platform, APERTURE®, we are able to forecast trends and provide actionable intelligence for you to make informed decisions. This highly targeted approach used for our Population Health program is ultimately intended to reduce future claims and improve the ROI of your wellness investments.


Plan Champion

We understand that measuring the effectiveness of population health solutions is difficult, but necessary. Your plan will be monitored by MJ’s Population Health Nurse, who actively engages with your team and plays a critical role in establishing and monitoring accountability. Data shared with strategic wellness partners will help our Population Health Nurse design outreach programs intended to engage specific populations, make proactive adjustments based on KPIs and reinforce messaging to improve accountability and participation.