Give Your Employees a CHOICE

We understand that businesses need a health insurance solution that provides employees with choice, ease of use, and a high-quality buying experience in a model that is cost-effective for your organization. Through the MJ Private Exchange, you can easily manage your increasing benefits costs, maintain a competitive advantage in the battle for talent, and provide tremendous flexibility in design options for your employees.

The MJ Private Exchange offers both self-funded and fully insured plans through a multitude of medical carriers along with a host of ancillary carriers, giving your employees the freedom to choose the best plan to fit their needs. Key advantages of the MJ Private Exchange include:

  • Ability to choose a defined contribution or defined benefit strategy
  • Prepackaged portfolio of medical and ancillary benefits
  • Plans to fit any budget
  • Record-keeping support
  • Single-source administrative package
  • Marketplace business data integration
  • Flexible decision-support tools that allow for consumer choice