Benefits Consulting

Compensation and total rewards programs are a critical component of your organization’s human capital strategy. The design and deployment of said strategies, however, are extraordinarily complex.  

We know your organization doesn’t operate in a silo, so we look at all the elements of your business and human capital to create a Compensation and Total Rewards program that empowers your teams, enhances the employee experience and improves organizational culture—all while keeping your business goals and budget in mind. 

It’s time to rethink your compensation and total rewards philosophy, and become an Employer of Choice, with MJ’s holistic approach to Compensation and Total Rewards Consulting. 


Our Integrated, Data-Driven Approach

Powered by MJ’s proprietary data analytics platform, APERTURE®, we are able to uniquely address compensation and total rewards consulting via an integrated approach so you can make forward-thinking decisions about your program now and in the future. 

We provide specialized consulting services and in-depth benchmark data analytics to help your organization evaluate its total compensation, benefits, retirement and wellbeing programs. Doing so allows us to create comprehensive, tailored programs unique to your business—and to the needs of your employees. 



Our dedicated team of professionals bring a depth of experience across a variety of industries. MJ’s compensation and total rewards consultants and data analysts create innovative reward programs that align with your organization’s culture, talent market and strategic priorities—allowing you to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive labor market. 



We offer a variety of comprehensive compensation and total rewards consulting services—all customized to the unique needs of your organization. 

Our services include: 

  • Total Rewards and Compensation Philosophy Development 
  • Executive and Board of Director Compensation 
  • Incentive Compensation (Short and Long-term) Plan Design 
  • Recruiting and Retention Compensation Advisory Services 
  • Compensation Survey Data Benchmark Market Analysis 
  • Compensation Structure & Pay Program Design 
  • Pay-for-Performance Program Development 
  • Annual Salary/Merit Increase Salary Planning 
  • Rewards Program Communication Support 
  • Pay Transparency and Equity Advisory Support 
  • Outsourced Compensation Team Resources