Benefits Consulting

At MJ Insurance, our comprehensive, forward-thinking approach to analytics is the foundation of our benefits consulting practice. We’ve made significant investments in experienced people and our proprietary analytics solution, APERTURE, so our clients always get the most from their benefits and wellness programs. By utilizing our extensive experience integrating and analyzing medical, prescription, clinic and biometric data, we can pinpoint and proactively address cost drivers with our innovative approach to analytics. Let us focus on the data—so you can focus on growing your business.



APERTURE Puts Your Future in Focus

APERTURE takes data analysis and forecasting to the next level. It gives you a clear picture of your future risks and potential costs, helping us put together strategic recommendations that are aligned to the benefit strategy of your business. APERTURE can analyze massive amounts of raw data, including:

  • Medical claims
  • Prescription claims
  • Clinic and Provider utilization
  • Biometrics
  • Member demographics
  • Workers’ compensation

Insightful Analytics and Nimble Data Integrations

With the help of APERTURE, we’re able to provide our clients with custom reports and data-driven recommendations as quickly as they’re needed. It allows us to drill down to the member level and identify at-risk populations, which can provide predictive information about cost trending, and can help you put a plan in place that best serves your employees. This can save you money, and provides a clearer picture of the health habits of your employees and how they engage in healthcare and wellness programs. APERTURE can also:

  • Help control the rising cost of prescription drugs
  • Give you a better understanding of your ROI on employee benefits spending and how this compares to the marketplace at a national, regional, and local level
  • Help identify opportunities to work with more high-quality, low-cost providers
  • Create custom reports on the fly based on employee demographics
  • Assist with plan design modeling
  • Provide a secure and consolidated place for housing claims data
  • Find more ways to drive employee engagement, making them happier and healthier