Today, the question isn’t whether you have data that can show you where you’ve been and what might be ahead. The question is, how do you bring that data into focus to help you make forward-thinking decisions about risk management and employee benefits?

The answer is APERTURE: MJ’s proprietary analytics tool that combines multiple data sources to provide actionable intelligence—data that becomes knowledge you can use to make timely decisions to help protect your business, your employees and your future. It’s a true breakthrough in analytics—and it’s available only from MJ.


Analytics Made Easy (And Smart)

Raw data can be confusing and overwhelming. There’s a lot of it, and it comes from multiple sources that can make it difficult to correlate and interpret. That’s where APERTURE shines. APERTURE helps MJ create data-driven strategies especially for you—and presents them in a way that’s incredibly easy to understand and apply. With APERTURE, the numbers come alive and tell a story about your business, giving you the best perspective to spot future trends and ultimately help you decrease costs.

Let us focus on the data, so you can focus on your business.

Our Data-Driven Process

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Employee Benefits Solutions Driven By Data

By analyzing cost trends, prescription drug usage, health conditions, and more, APERTURE can help you better understand your medical spend and develop a customized plan to reallocate resources to optimize employee health and decrease costs. With APERTURE, you can:

  • Identify primary cost drivers impacting your plan
  • Develop a strategy to mitigate health risks
  • Quantify your healthcare spend and measure ROI
  • Better understand how your employees utilize health care
  • Uncover health habits and trends for your entire employee population
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your benefits and wellness programs
  • Connect wellness programs to claims impact

Risk Management Strategies Driven By Data

What are the risks your business faces—now and in the future? APERTURE provides a holistic picture of your risks, focusing on past trends and current realities in a way that allows you to predict future trends and make timely, informed decisions about your risk management strategy. The secret is APERTURE’s ability to:

  • Help you understand the primary cost drivers impacting your Cost of Risk
  • Provide a look at future costs should you continue on the same trajectory
  • Predict potential cost savings with the implementation of MJ’s risk treatment initiatives
  • Provide actionable data allowing for improved performance and lower costs
  • Customize data feeds for your unique business needs