About MJ

MJ Insurance is dedicated to inspiring the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve.

That includes giving back to the communities where we live and work, and supporting local organizations that are making a positive difference. Our associate volunteer service hours and charitable donation matching programs are designed to reinforce and encourage our culture of giving back to the community. Finding purpose is important to us.

Every two years, our associates choose one charitable organization in each of our markets to support as our Charity of Choice. This is where we focus much of our time and resources. Please note, as we opened our Denver office in 2022, we chose to wait until our next Charity of Choice selection cycle to maximize the benefits the organization will receive.

To see our community impact in its entirety, we invite you to read the MJ Foundation Impact Report. 


Our team has spent thousands of hours giving back, helping make our community a brighter place.
We partner with dozens of charitable organizations making a big impact in our communities.
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Making A Difference

We are actively supporting the following two organizations:
  • Arizona’s Children Association

    Arizona’s Children Association is the largest and oldest child welfare and behavioral health not-for-profit in Arizona. Arizona’s Children Association provides many services to help create healthier family environments throughout the state. These services include foster care, kinship services and family preservation among many others. Arizona’s Children Association ensures all funds are put towards providing the best care and services possible. With 89 cents of every dollar donated going directly into services, every donation plays a big role in impacting the lives of children and families throughout Arizona.

  • Damar

    Damar is one of the leading service providers for individuals with developmental, behavioral and intellectual disabilities. Damar strives to help these individuals live better, more independent lives. With a wide range of services covering everything from education to transitional living support, Damar is focused on providing the best care for not only those with disabilities, but their families and loved ones as well. Every individual is unique and that is why the best care for them involves experts and many service options, both of which Damar excels at.

Charity of the Month:

American Lung Association

This March, we are featuring the American Lung Association as our Charity of the Month! American Lung Association was founded over 115 years ago by a group of volunteers dedicated to ending the lung health threat at the time: tuberculosis. With tuberculosis largely controlled in the United States, they have extended that mission to other respiratory diseases. American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy and research.

If you feel inclined and want to get involved, there are many ways to volunteer that are fulfilling and make a real impact. Whatever your interest and skills, American Lung Association has a volunteer opportunity that’s right for you. Fill out this form to sign up today! You can also consider donating, which contributes to the support of lung disease research, educational programs, advocacy and continual up-to-date information on respiratory diseases, their treatment and management.

Food 4 Souls

Food 4 Souls is a homeless ministry that exists to go out and serve the homeless community in Indianapolis with unconditional love and acceptance. Every Sunday afternoon, a group of volunteers travel to downtown Indianapolis providing clothing, food and other resources to the homeless community. Nearly 100 people are served every week with approximately 5,000 meals and thousands of toiletry items being distributed this year. This involvement and commitment not only provides the opportunity for volunteers to tangibly serve, but also plays a critical and necessary role in building trusting relationships with the homeless in our community.

Other MJ Community Efforts

Providence Cristo Rey High School

Located minutes from downtown Indianapolis, Providence Cristo Rey is a private, college-preparatory high school for students from families with limited financial means. Providence Cristo Rey combines rigorous classroom instruction with real-life corporate work study experiences for our students by partnering with  the finest businesses and corporations in the Indianapolis area. Our Corporate Work Study program allows Providence Cristo Rey to make a faith-based, college preparatory education affordable to all students  and families who could not otherwise afford a Catholic education.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has provided hope, healing, and the best healthcare for children since it was born in 1983, and has grown to become one of the largest children’s hospitals in the country.

With a Medical Staff of nearly 1,000 pediatric specialists, Phoenix Children’s provides inpatient, outpatient, trauma and emergency care across more than 70 pediatric subspecialties, the most comprehensive pediatric care available in the state. The Hospital’s six Centers of Excellence have grown in size and expertise to place them on par with some of the most prestigious of their kind in the US.