YOU Just Gotta Ignite the Light

View our second quarter of 2023 InspireYOU events!

As seasons come and go, so does the hope for warmer weather and sunny days. Luckily, MJ’s 2023 InspireYOU season will have you no longer longing for the summertime.  

Unfortunately, we can’t promise that our series will include hot dogs, swimming pools or tall glasses of lemonade, but we can ensure that our next three events will remind you of those Fourth of July fireworks—sparking your passion and igniting your ambition to learn, grow and become more successful.  

If you’re new to MJ’s InspireYOU series, these monthly events are designed to offer a wide range of resources and in-person learning opportunities to help our clients better manage and understand their risks. Featuring industry-leading subject matter experts and speakers, it includes a host of seminars, webinars, industry roundtables and workshops throughout the year.

Join us on a journey of continuous learning. To quote Katy Perry, “you don’t have to feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, not knowing where to start again.” Instead, ignite your passion and take action. Join us on a journey of continuous learning. Check out our Q2 calendar of events, register for those applicable to your business (hint-they all are!), and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know about our event series.