At MJ, you’ll hear us talking about our innovative culture and adapting to change all the time. After all, innovation is one of our Core Values, and as we state,Every member of our team is capable of imagining better ways to work, collaborate and advance our goals. Innovative thinking is the first step toward making the world a better place. 

Of course, you can’t innovate without technology.  

To make sure we’re always on the leading edge, MJ participates in the first broker-led investor group and accelerator, Broker Tech Ventures, which focuses on delivering—you guessed it—innovation to the insurance broker industry. This is accomplished through group research, testing, investing and scaling of technology for successful market introduction.  

Why is this kind of venture so important? Because for any technology to work well, it has to fit the needs of the industry it’s designed to serve, and that requires an insider’s view. With Broker Tech Ventures, some of the best minds in both insurance, data and IT collaborate to develop leading-edge ideas that can improve our systems, processes and broader industry in so many ways—whether that’s streamlining internal tasks, minimizing data input errors, improving security, boosting communication capabilities, addressing connectivity or fixing any other snag that holds us back or hinders customer service.  

If you’re into technology yourself, but haven’t thought of the insurance industry as a career option, we hope you’ll reconsider. MJ’s own tagline, Your future in focus, represents our sincere commitment to helping you build a career that’s interesting, challenging and always forward-looking. 

Want to explore your options? Start by bookmarking and continuing to check our current openings until you find the perfect fit. Your future awaits!