When it comes to careers in the insurance industry, you might be surprised about the options. Depending on your own interests, skills and motivation, agencies like MJ offer opportunities you might not expect.

As a firm with so many moving parts, MJ associates can follow a formal and more predictable career path, such as upward progress from assistant account manager to account manager, senior account manager and on to associate client executive, but we can also support lateral and unexpected moves into entirely new areas.

Want to change career paths without changing companies? It’s completely possible—and fully supported—at MJ.

Just ask Shauna Henley or Sarah Hanson.

Shauna joined MJ years ago as a wellness intern. After seeing first-hand her many talents, we knew we needed her on our team, and she was hired full-time after her college graduation. Shauna is the personification of our Core Values, including determination, curiosity and passion, so she quickly grew through the ranks. She’s a principal architect of what is now our Population Health + Wellness program, and her leadership skills really developed as she built out that initiative. Yet after Shauna expressed an interest in making a career change, we encouraged her to take a leap. Still serving our Benefits Consulting clients, and of no surprise to us, she easily shifted to this new path, which required more technical and consulting skills. Shauna was quickly promoted from Associate Client Executive to Client Executive, a position MJ views as the real “quarterback’ of the team. Shauna now develops benefits strategies with clients and ensures that each part of the program—Analytics, Population Health + Wellness, Employee Benefits Communications + Engagement, Compliance and Advocacy—delivers an exceptional client experience.

Sarah is another associate who has crafted her own career path while remaining with MJ. She started in our commercial insurance department, and after a brief move to Australia for 12 months in support of her now-husband’s, job, we welcomed her back as a claims coordinator. Fast forward 6+ years, and Sarah’s stint on the MJ Culture Committee uncovered her passion—and talent—for improving workplace culture, enhancing the employee experience and developing others. This made her ideal for our Learning and Development Specialist role, which was created in 2017 to drive the personal and professional growth of our MJ team. Three career leaps in and Sarah continues to wow us. She now serves as Learning and Development Manager.

We’ve got other associates who’ve made lateral shifts within the agency too, and they’ve done it without losing any career momentum. So, if you’ve ever wanted more options for your own future, we encourage you to check out MJ Insurance. We might be the last company your career needs. Curious? Check out our current opportunities today and explore how you might fit into our culture of excellence.