Over the past few weeks, we’ve been focusing on change – how it’s constant and requires vision, communication and perseverance. As we close out 2022, I’m remarkably proud of how our MJ associates continue to respond to every new idea or project request, never backing down and always willing to add their own talents to the mix.  

I believe MJs culture of innovation has been in place since the beginning, even before it was added as one of our formal corporate values. This continual drive to be better and find new ways of working has helped us transform from just a two-person startup in 1964 into today’s organization with over 200 associates throughout the United States.  

It’s allowed us to evolve so we can now serve vastly different markets. It’s led to innovative new products and services. In just the last two years alone, we’ve added exciting new capabilities. In the midst of the pandemic, we founded and launched the MJ Foundation, allowing us to fulfill our commitment to serve the communities where we live and work. In the summer of 2021, we acquired ProCourse, a fiduciary advisory firm that provides expert advice for 401k and retirement plans. We launched our Compensation + Total Rewards consulting service in 2021, and our Colorado office opened its doors in 2022.  

These are just a few examples of how MJ is doing things outside of the typical “insurance brokerage space,and our ability to constantly reinvent our firm is what makes our offices such great places to come to every day. And as I look ahead, it’s incredibly motivating, both professionally and personally, to know that we’ll continue to embrace even bolder transformations.  

So, given that the holidays are a time of reflection and gratitude, I want to extend my thanks to everyone who has helped MJ succeed. To our associates, your dedication is inspiring. To our clients, your faith in us is humbling. And to every business we have the honor of partnering with, your unwavering support is truly appreciated. Each and every one of you have helped MJ become what it is today – and you’ll be instrumental in helping us become the MJ of tomorrow, starting in 2023.  

Change? We’ve got just the team we need to take it on.