We’ve been talking about change the past few weeks, and I may be a bit biased, but I believe effective communication is the foundation of successful change, especially when it’s big, transformational change.  

Throughout 2022, all of the new products, programs, process and innovation at MJ have only reinforced three major communication fundamentals.  

  1. Share early and often to bolster buy-in. Research shows that people need to hear a message at least seven times for them to remember it.  That number seems a tad low to me, but it only confirms that repetition and clarity are absolutely crucial.  
  2. Be transparent. Don’t withhold the details. Explain any potential issues, and—building on what Jon had to say last week about empathy—be honest with your team about the impact of change, always extending offers to answer questions and help in any way that you can.  
  3. Foster dialogue. Remember that communication is all about back-and-forth conversation. Don’t tell—facilitate an open discussion and encourage feedback.  

All of these things are vital for fostering a collaborative culture, and at MJ, we’re doubling down on these principles more than ever. In fact, ongoing communication is so important to us that we’ve defined it as one of our top priorities. That requires treating communication as a strategic element and making a conscious commitment to all forms of internal communications instead of simply adding it on as a last-step or afterthought.  

Also critical is unified communication and a common language. While the marketing team may start and nourish the process, our goal is to have everyone across the organization talking in unison. Here’s where that “early and often” really comes into play. When people know about change well in advance, they’re not only less stressed about the process, they’re better equipped to talk about that change with clients and business partners too.  

And speaking of change, it’s not only a constant in life, it’s a fact with communication too. Just when you think you’ve figured out the most effective ways to share your message, change arrives in the form of a new app, a new industry trend, a new IT issue. But that just keeps the process interesting! 

So, as we head into the new year, our intent is to stay engaged and ahead of the game, always looking for the best ways to share important news and helpful updates so that everyone feels involved, valued and fully informed. 

In closing, if you ever missed us saying it in the past, let me repeat it nowthank you for your partnership with MJ throughout 2022. We value you and your role in our success.

Here’s to a great 2023! We can’t wait to spend it sharing more about what’s ahead.