With only so many hours in the day, sometimes the only option is to prioritize crucial tasks. In a year like 2022, when change has seemed relentless, that sometimes makes it difficult to stop and reflect. Yet as it always seems to do, the holiday season always gives us a chance to pause. 

At MJ, the past year has been about transformation and new ideas, so this holiday season we want to really focus on and express our thanks for one thing in particular—change. While people handle change differently, we’ve been amazed at our associates’ creativity, innovation and ability to handle any transformative idea that we’ve implemented in 2022, and look forward to that continued commitment as we plan for a transformative 2023. Our MJ associates have embraced and managed these evolutions all year long and they’ve shared this enthusiasm with our business partners, clients and community as well.  

We’ve got a series of holiday blogs coming over the next few weeks—we’re so happy to be back in the holiday swing of things after a mood-dampening pandemic—and we can’t wait to share how MJ acts as an active agent of growth and progress instead of simply accepting change as a passive observer.  

While we’ve always been a high-growth company with big aspirations, we’ve gotten even better at navigating change with real intent and awareness. This has only improved our ability to live our stated purpose too: MJ exists to inspire the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve.” In the next few blogs, we’ll share how we do this using the critical components that we believe could work for you too: vision, communication, collaboration, commitment and community.  

So, until next week, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. After that, we’ll share—and celebrate—how we’ve handled change, starting with insight from our President and COO Jon Loftin.