employee spotlight: emily mccune

Today is National Intern Day, and what better day to share stories from former MJ interns who transitioned to full-time associates? Read on to learn about Emily’s journey as an intern and her transition to becoming a full-time member of the MJ team.  

As a public health major at the University of Arizona, Emily McCune found and applied for an MJ internship online. She joined MJ as a population health and wellness intern, which intersected at an opportune moment in 2020 as the need for contact tracing grew exponentially. Her studies and focus on quantitative methods came in handy as she was able to jump in at MJ and assist the Population Health and Wellness team at such a critical time during the pandemic.  

Equipped with experience working for public agencies, Emily’s skill set proved to be a great fit as she translated her skills into a wellness setting. “It was the perfect combination of wellness and data analytics and a great time for me to further develop those skills,” says Emily. 

Emily says it was the culture of MJ that stood out and made a difference. “Even though everything was virtual at the time due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone made a point to go to the virtual happy hours, which was great because I was able to meet a lot of people that way. That helped me feel more connected and cared for, too. 

Emily recalls a highlight from when she first began her internship that left a big impression on her: “Because we were all working remotely, I did not yet have my work computer. So, Mike H. Bill, the CEO of MJ, personally delivered my work laptop to my home. He was the first person at MJ that I met in person. That just spoke volumes to me—that the head of the entire company would offer to deliver my work laptop and introduce himself to me, an intern—that left a huge impression on me.”  

Upon graduating from the University of Arizona, Emily joined MJ full-time as a wellness coordinator, serving both Arizona and Indiana clientele. “My transition from intern to full-time went really well since I had already been doing a lot of the work. Now I get to work with both Arizona, Indiana and Colorado, and sometimes get to travel to meet with others on the team, which is really fun!” says Emily.  

In addition to collaborating with others at MJ, Emily also enjoys continuing to learn and develop in her role. “Even as an intern,” explains Emily, “you get a lot of hands-on experience. I get to work in a lot of different areas—benefits communications, design, data analytics, research—and there’s so much you can’t learn in school. I appreciate that I get to put what I’ve learned into action, and I get to make real impact in my work.” 

Emily’s advice to interns would be to make your interests known and to always be curious. “MJ truly cares about what you have to say, so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and interests. They’re all about putting the right people in the right seats. If there’s something you’re interested in and you want to try something new, people will support you.” 

If you or someone you know is looking for an internship opportunity, check out our Internship Program page or watch the video below to learn more. You never know where it might lead—it could be the start of something great!