Over the past 30 years, the rate of childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents. From 2017 to 2020, the prevalence of obesity was nearly 20% and affected 14.7 million children and adolescents. This significant increase has led to a rise in obesity-related health conditions among children and adolescents. 

The effects of childhood obesity can persist well into adulthood, and there is global concern that if the rates of childhood obesity continue to rise, so will the prevalence of related medical conditions.  

Compelled to help improve health for all kids, Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) is tackling the childhood obesity epidemic and has made it their mission to develop holistic health for kids. That’s why MJ is featuring Action for Healthy Kids as our Charity of the Month for July. 

In alignment with the MJ Foundation’s commitment to embrace diversity and humanitarian support for children’s health, we’re proud to highlight this wonderful organization and its noble work to combat the child health crisis.  

Action for Healthy Kids is a nonprofit organization with a mission to mobilize family-school partnerships to prepare kids to be healthy in body and mind. To illustrate the significance of this mission, below are a few key statistics: 

AFHK holds that all health is a human right, and their work addresses the root causes of the child health crisis by supporting the foundations of lifelong health for kids. AFHK helps kids thrive by bringing families and schools together to ensure students have access to safe places to play and be active, nutritious foods, and healthy, supportive experiences. 

Believing that healthy children create a better world, AFHK holds that every child deserves access to the three foundations of lifelong health in order to create a better future for all: 

  • Healthy food access and nutrition education are crucial for the body and mind 
  • Physical activity and play build energy and stimulate the imagination 
  • Social-emotional learning strengthens relationships and builds resilience 

Through in-depth programs, school grants and hundreds of free online resources, AFHK helps schools and families work together to provide healthy food, social and emotional learning and physical activities to millions of students in some of the most underserved communities across the U.S.  

There are many ways to get involved with AFHK and join the movement to help every kid be healthy: 

  • Donate: A $25 donation provides 45 parents with training to equip them to become better health advocates. Give to AFHK to create equitable opportunities for all kids to be healthy in body and mind 
  • Learn: AFHK hosts learning sessions, trainings, webinars and conferences. You can find archived webinars and other events on their website here as well as a resource library full of videos, activities, tip sheets and more here 
  • Fundraise: Get active for the kids by participating in a Team Healthy Kids run or hosting your own fundraiser.  
  • Partner with AFHK: companies and organizations can become a partner with AFHK and can find more information here. 

To learn more about the work of Action for Healthy Kids, their work and how you can get involved, visit their website today.