Investing in the Next Generation: 4.01k Race for Financial Fitness

Although financial literacy is arguably one of the most essential skills for adults to know how to handle money and build wealth, it’s not a subject taught in every classroom. Many Americans were never taught financial basics like budgeting, how credit works and how to handle debt or the importance of saving for retirement. At best, financial principles might have been passed down from family members (sometimes the hard way), real-life experiences from friends or the occasional Google search.  

Research shows that a lack of financial education has led to Americans having inadequate household and retirement savings and high levels of credit card and student loan debt. A lack of financial literacy, particularly at a young age, can lead to a vicious cycle of poor money management skills. Without adequate money management knowledge, people are prone to make hasty financial decisions fueled by desperation and anxiety, which ultimately leads to more unwise financial decision-making—thus perpetuating the cycle. 

Junior Achievement of Central Indiana aims to change this narrative by educating young people in financial literacy, career readiness and life skills. This organization works to provide a pathway of success for K-12 students through their proven and comprehensive programs. 

From a holistic view of wellbeing, you can see how different areas of health interact with and affect one another. While improving financial wellness is always a wonderful goal to pursue, physical wellbeing is equally important. And this upcoming event is the perfect opportunity to take a step forward in both areas!  

For the fourth year in a row, ProCourse is proud to bring the 4.01k Race for Financial Fitness to Indianapolis on June 12, 2022. This 2.5-mile fun run/walk supports financial education programs that teach kids the skills they need for a shot at a strong financial future. 100% of the proceeds from sponsorships and race registration support Junior Achievement of Central Indiana and their financial literacy programs.  

Help change the narrative by supporting financial literacy for young people—and get a good sweat on, while you’re at it! Sign up for the 4.01k Race for Financial Fitness today: 

  • Live Race in Indianapolis: Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 11:00 AM. Registration: $30 (price increases after April 29, 2022) 
  • Virtual Race: June 12-22, 2022. Registration: $35