Review + Preview: Bringing Lessons of Adaptability into 2022

As we conclude our second year of the pandemic, it’s amazing to look back on how we’ve adapted to a new way of life. The effects of COVID-19 presented an extreme shift for all of us as we readjusted both our personal and professional lives. As we enter a new year, let’s reflect on a few lessons in adaptability from 2021.  

The challenging circumstances produced by the pandemic led to an uptick in the conversation surrounding self-care and mental wellbeing. Not that this was a new conversation by any means, but it was amplified as the world collectively wrestled with how to deal with stress, uncertainty and mental health issues. What I’ve come to recognize is that wellbeing comes in different forms for different people. And while taking care of oneself doesn’t look the same for everyone, it should be a top priority for all. 

Personally, I’ve learned to view wellbeing through a holistic lens. For me, wellbeing isn’t limited to diet and exercise, but it encompasses several areas of your life—physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual and relational. If I’ve learned anything over the course of the pandemic, it’s that each of these areas is vital to wellness. They interact and influence one another as we seek to balance each segment in our own lives.  

One topic that’s gained popularity in 2021 is the concept of mental wellbeing, particularly in conversations surrounding workplace culture. While MJ has always prioritized the wellbeing of our associates, the pandemic provided a unique opportunity to adapt internally and listen to the individual needs of our team members. Deploying several employee surveys over the past two years enabled us to better understand and capture our associates’ needs regarding their mental, financial, physical and emotional wellbeing. Equipped with a better grasp of the needs of our associates, we were then able to implement solutions to provide more support for their holistic wellbeing.  

To aid in improving wellbeing for our team, we implemented a hybrid work model across our organization—even after our associates came “back to work.” This allows our associates more flexibility in where and when they work so they can make time for what matters most. This adjustment to our work environment is one example of how MJ is working to move the needle forward in better serving our associates and their families.  

Another positive outcome of focusing on holistic wellbeing is the impact on our workplace culture. It’s been extremely encouraging to witness our culture thrive over the course of the pandemic, while many faltered. We continue to see and hear stories of our associates embodying our core values, despite such difficult circumstances. We have found that when individuals are in pursuit of health and wellbeing in their personal lives, it’s bound to permeate their professional lives as well. We’re honored to see that across our organization as we strive to integrate life and work in a healthy and holistic way.  

The new year also presents an exciting opportunity to continue our journey in advocating for holistic wellbeing for our clients. MJ is thrilled to now offer a holistic approach to wellness through MJ’s Total Rewards Consulting practice. This is an all-inclusive program that is not limited to benefits and compensation but is designed to enhance the employee experience and improve organizational culture through an integrated approach. Elements such as work-life integration, financial wellbeing and compensation consulting are just some of the key features of our Total Rewards practice. We’re thrilled to bring this offering to our clients and continue to build upon this practice in the future. 

Lastly, approaching wellbeing from a holistic standpoint has also enabled MJ to be more agile as we continue to adapt as a business. We’re thankful to all of you for partnering with us through these challenging times as MJ strives to protect your life’s work and improve the health and morale of those you serve. We greatly value the relationships we’ve built and cannot overstate our gratitude for all those who have stuck with us over the past two years.  

As we embark on a new year, may we be empowered to take good care of ourselves and invest in our wellbeing. Let us not forget the lessons we’ve learned and the ways we’ve adapted in 2021 as we endeavor to make 2022 one of our best years yet.