We’ve got a few more tips to share as we close out National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. After all, when you consider this month’s theme, “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart,” that represents a tremendous call to action and lots of moving parts.

We’ve already reviewed the importance of cyber liability insurance and why your organization needs written policies, employee education and smart software, but there are a few additional weapons that can help your organization prevent or recover from a cyber incident.

  1. Limiting access to sensitive data is a basic safeguard. The fewer gateways available, the fewer opportunities you provide to hackers. Strong passwords, two-factor authentication and regular updates to them are also useful.
  2. Be proactive and back up your data. It’s especially smart to store a backup offsite or on the cloud.
  3. Know what to do following a cyberattack with a detailed incident response plan. You can minimize damage and hasten recovery if you’ve already written down and tested how you might recover data, reputation and daily operations.

These ideas and the others shared in earlier cybersecurity blogs are summarized in a downloadable infographic. While this is just an overview prepared for National Cybersecurity Month, we hope it will serve as a year-round reminder of what systems your organization should have in place.

Although it can feel overwhelming to implement all of these tips, MJ Insurance is here to help. Our team of cyber experts can review your existing cybersecurity program and provide recommendations, or we build something entirely new—whatever suits your needs. Just contact us, and we can get the process started.

Download the PDF