At MJ Insurance, we’ve seen how small acts of kindness can lead to tremendous change, and we’ve witnessed the transformation of communities following gifts of service, time and money. That’s why we’re fully on board to celebrate National Nonprofit Day today, August 17th. It’s a day to recognize the positive impact that nonprofit organizations have on local communities around the world.  

While MJ isn’t a non-profit, we find ourselves inspired by their efforts and committed to supporting them as part of our community service. MJ associates have already volunteered more than 2,100 hours to more than 37 organizations this year, including two local non-profits where we’ve chosen to focus the majority of our corporate efforts—Prevail of Central Indiana, which advocates for victims of crime and abuse, and the Arizona Humane Society—as well as Providence Cristo Rey High SchoolPhoenix Children’s Hospital and a variety of selected charities of the month. We also raised one hundred thousand dollars for local communities impacted by COVID-19 this past year as part of our Together4Impact campaign, a fundraising partnership between insurance and risk management organizations. Just one recipient of these funds was the 2020 Small Business Relief Grant Program, which ultimately supported 76 different businesses, of which 99% were Black or Latinx entrepreneurs and 59% were women.  

We’re also using August 17th as a launch point for new MJ Foundation efforts in the coming year. The foundation is intended to support programs that help the communities we serve overcome poverty, foster diversity, advance education and provide humanitarian care. While we are in the planning stages of this foundation expansion, we look forward to sharing more in the coming months. 

If your own organization has yet to establish a program for community service, we can only emphasize the tremendous benefits we’ve discovered for our own corporate culture and sense of connection by doing so. We’ve learned a lot about the most effective ways to support our associates’ interests and volunteer efforts, and we would be happy to share our experiences and ideas with anyone interested in expanding their own corporate community service programs. Feel free to contact me with any questions!  

Here’s to National Nonprofit Day and the many ways we can each make a difference!