Today’s interns are no longer sorting files or taking coffee orders. 

To compete for the best young talent, businesses are pouring significant resources into their internship programs, providing interns with challenging assignments and unique learning opportunities relevant to their interests. Whether they’re required for a course of study or completed voluntarily, modern internships provide young professionals with invaluable experience that sets them apart in the workforce. According to Forbes, college graduates with internship experience are more than twice as likely to have a good job waiting for them upon graduation. 

MJ’s own internship program has roots dating back to 2013, and we have since hired early career talent in the areas of population health and wellness, analytics, risk management and more. We provide interns with an immersive, well-rounded experience, where candidates explore their desired career path as well as their personal purpose and professional development goals. And as they wrap up their time at MJ, interns dive deep into topics that interest them through a research-based capstone project that culminates with a presentation made to their peers, colleagues and our Executive Team.

“Because it’s not just ‘busy work’, our interns are able to leave here with a sense of what it is that they’re looking for in a career,” said Sarah Hanson, learning and development specialist and intern coordinator at MJ. “By the time they reach their capstone project, I can see how much they’ve learned and grown—it really instills a sense of pride in the program that we’ve built.” 

At MJ, our interns refine their skillsets while simultaneously improving our business practices—meaning we learn from them just as much as they learn from us. Today’s talented interns will become our future leaders, and they deserve to be recognized as such. 

In celebration of National Intern Day, which will be celebrated this Thursday, July 29th, we’ve compiled a list of ways to show appreciation for the young talent at your business: 

  • Invite them to coffee or lunch; ask about their future goals and ambitions 
  • Sport their university’s gear around the office 
  • Surprise them with a pizza party for lunch 
  • Highlight their work on your social media channels
  • Help them network with professionals in their desired career or field of study
  • Cover their desk with thank you notes 

Do you want to reap the benefits of an internship at MJ? Explore our current opportunities and apply to join our team of purpose-driven individuals today.