Our InspireYOU Mental Health series will continue with a deep dive discussion on mental health and wellness point solutions for you and your business! We will explore a diverse lineup of vendors who provide mental health and wellness solutions across the continuum—from mindfulness to behavioral health counseling and everything in between.

Registration is now open for our InspireYOU Mental Health Series. Learn more about the various sessions and register below.

June 8th 2:00pm EDT/11am PDT: Levelhead

Are you ready to live a healthier and happier life? Has the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted your levels of stress, motivation, focus and more? Levelhead is an innovative digital engagement platform with scientifically based mindfulness content to help employees develop the skills necessary to achieve optimal performance. The platform provides a series of self-directed micro-lessons that employees can fit into daily activities. Using the Levelhead mobile learning tool, employees have the ability to engage, share and celebrate milestones which strengthen team bonds and boost employee satisfaction. Register to learn more about how Levelhead can help employees learn how to communicate more clearly, make better decisions, spark creativity and build relationships—all in just a few minutes a day.

June 10th 2:00pm EDT/11am PDT: LifeGuides

Life challenges are the largest source of lost employee productivity in your organization. As a leader, we know you want to take care of your people first, but you don’t always have the answers or the time to help. The LifeGuides Network® matches your employees to trained Guides who have successfully navigated the same life challenge, whether it be the birth of a child, chronic illness, racial injustice, and more. Your Guide offers human-to-human support with personalized guidance & empathy, along with the capabilities to coordinate with existing benefit providers, such as EAP. Register to learn more about this unique and innovative solution.

June 22nd 2:00pm EDT/11am PDT: wayForward

Emotional and mental health care is on a spectrum and not everyone needs the same level of care. wayForward untangles access to emotional wellness and mental health care for employees and members. They identify member needs, and deliver personalized care, both digital and traditional. Delivering a comprehensive mental health platform which combines core principles of identification, navigation and delivery to ensure each employee and their family has access to clinically relevant care. The clinically trained algorithm helps identify each individual’s needs, then directs them to recommended solutions. Register to learn how wayForward works with employers to curate a set of solutions that is the best fit for their employees, then deliver them seamlessly through the platform.

June 24th 2:00pm EDT/11am PDT: Spring Health

A clinically based, holistic mental health solution which leverages technology to create personalized treatment plans with high-touch care navigation to deliver the right care at the right time. Utilizing a holistic approach to employee wellbeing, the platform delivers unparalleled personalization of care. Spring Health combines clinically-proven technology with high-touch care navigation to deliver the right care at the right time—whether that’s a meditation program, therapy, or more. With a focus on diversity and precision, Spring Health is on the forefront of delivering clinically appropriate and relevant care. Register to learn more about this front door to mental health.


Consider attending one of our InspireYOU Mental Health Series sessions to learn more about how we can be stronger together as we look toward the end of the seemingly never-ending pandemic. Also, in case you missed our kick-off webinar, “Stronger Together: Strategies to Support Employee Mental Health + Wellness,” you can view it on-demand here.