*This content is sensitive in nature and may cause uncomfortable feelings or be triggering to some readers 

April officially marks the 20th anniversary of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month nationwide. This month we join this movement to bring light to the staggering statistics of sexual assault in the United States. While this subject may be uncomfortable to speak about, it is critical to ensure our employees and communities have the tools and resources they need to seek help, and get involved to help improve the statistics while supporting those around them.   

Every 73 seconds, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. Indiana currently ranks 4th highest in the nation for the number of reported rapes among high school girls. According to ICESAHT, 1 in 5 Hoosier women have been sexually assaulted, with 85% of assaults not reported to the police. Between 2015 and 2019, there has been a 50% increase in the number of human trafficking situations involving more than one victim or survivor. Men and boys are also affected with one out of every six men having experienced sexual abuse or assault in their lifetime.  

To increase awareness of these alarming statistics, MJ is proud to feature one of our Charities of Choice, Prevail of Central Indiana. Prevail strives to empower victims of crime and abuse on their path to healing while engaging the community to support safe, healthy relationships. All of Prevail’s services are free and confidential. Anyone who has experienced violence can receive assistance from Prevail’s advocates. Just as every person’s situation and story is unique, there is no one path that fits everyone. Not only will Prevail act as an advocate for a specific situation, they also offer support groups, tips to help loved ones who have experienced sexual assault and safety resources for parents and children.    

Seek Help + Learn More   

There are many ways to engage in violence prevention, find help and take action. The resources provided below will help you learn more:  

  • The Prevail 24-hour Crisis Line is available for anyone seeking help at 317-776-3472. Regardless of experience, the Prevail team is trained to meet you where you are today and provide you with the resources and support you need.   
  • When trauma occurs, the whole family is affected. Learn about the steps to take after experiencing sexual violence and how to help someone you care about.  
  • It is not always obvious when someone you love has experienced trauma. Review the warning signs to know when to take action 
  • Make sure you are aware of the ways to keep yourself safe online.  Read the RAINN online dating and social media safety tips 
Get Involved  
  • Consider donating to support Prevail of Central Indiana. In addition to monetary donations, they accept damaged and severely outdated cell phones to support their mission. Prevail’s complete wish list of items can be found here.   
  • Participate in Denim Day on April 28, 2021. Denim Day, established in 1999, supports Sexual Assault Awareness Month by bringing awareness to victim-blaming and self-destructive myths that surround sexual violence. Encourage your internal teams involved to participate and support.    
  • Join Prevails community of supporters working to save lives on FacebookTwitter and Instagram