With a new President comes a new approach, new priorities, new agenda and new policies. Following Joe Biden’s January 20th inauguration, we anticipate a quick move toward significant policy changes, including those related to healthcare.

To help employers get ready, we’d like to invite you to an upcoming webinar – 2021 + Beyond:  What Employers Should Expect. You’ll learn about potential healthcare plans proposed by the Biden Administration and how they could impact your business. We’ll also discuss vaccine-related legal considerations for employers, with particular focus on the COVID-19 vaccine and safety protocols.

This webinar is geared toward employers in any industry, of any size and with single or multiple locations nationwide. HR professionals or any individuals who manage employee healthcare, COVID-19 policies or related issues are encouraged to attend.

January 26, 2021 from 2:30-3:30 EST


MJ’s EVP of Employee Benefits, Andy Vetor, will lead the discussion with panelists:

JOEL KOPPERUD, VP of Government Affairs at the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

Kopperud represents Council member firms and their political interests on Capitol Hill, working closely with Members of Congress and their staff on issues impacting the. commercial insurance brokerage industry. This includes issues impacting the employer-provided benefits. His recent efforts include work to reform the Affordable Care Act and he was instrumental in The Council’s successful efforts to guide legislation through Congress that renewed TRIA and created a national broker licensing regime.

CATHY KELAGHAN, Employment Law Advisor at Stall Legal

Keleghan is an experienced employment attorney with a demonstrated 28-year history advising on all matters related to human resources, including the latest developments on COVID-19.

After the webinar, you’ll also receive a free download of our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ document, which can give you a jump start on return-to-work and vaccine policy development for your organization. It will answer questions about immunity, vaccine distribution, whether employers can mandate employee vaccination and more.

We’ve got so much to share, and we’re looking forward to an information-packed session! Please register today.