We’re always looking for opportunities to promote APERTURE®, our proprietary analytics platform, so once we discovered that January 6th is National Technology Day, we decided to seize the chance! 

Want to make this the best National Technology Day ever? Don’t wait another moment to schedule an information session with MJ to learn more about APERTURE, its capabilities and the potential benefits it can deliver to your business. 

As a bit of background, APERTURE was developed to take the reams of data most businesses collect and transform it into a useful planning tool by uncovering patterns, identifying opportunities and predicting potential issues before they become barriers to growth. It has made a tremendous impact on client programs for both employee benefits/healthcare and risk management. The companies actively engaged with APERTURE have enjoyed significant cost savings, decreased claims, more informed decision making and other operational advantages. 

APERTURE is only available through MJ, and we’re always eager to share case studies and details about the platformFor example, we helped a large telecommunications corporation uncover a discrepancy between claims filed by a third-party-administrator (TPA) and the claims paid by the Stop Loss carrier, resulting in more than $300,000 in reimbursement. APERTURE helped another client identify the need for a new third-party pharmacy benefit manager, ultimately leading to a 24% decrease in total spend for just the first year. Then there’s the latest APERTURE success story that is tied to the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 Impact Calculator was developed to measure and project the cost impact of COVID-19 on an organization’s health plan and its businessWe’ve got plenty of other examples of APERTURE’s power as well that we’d love to show you. 

Ready to learn how MJ’s data obsession can help you align your risk strategies, improve ROI, provide loss and exposure trends, establish benchmarks, support accurate forecasting and more? Today’s the day! Just drop us a line. You can also find more detail about APERTURE here 

Happy National Technology day!