Most are happy to usher in 2021, closing a symbolic door on a year that was unpredictable, unprecedented and in many ways, unpleasant. Yet I am exiting 2020 on a determined high note because it was a year that reinforced the Core Values and Purpose of MJ in ways I never anticipated. 

We have always been committed to our Purpose:  

MJ Insurance exists to inspire the success, fulfillment, and wellbeing of each person we serve: our associates and their families, business partners, clients and our community.  

It’s been almost a decade since we crafted that statement, carefully considering the intent of each word and phrase.  

Our Purpose has always served as a filter for decision-making, and it was a welcome guide throughout the pandemic. It helped us focus on employee and client experiences as we lost face-to-face connections but discovered new ways to support and encourage each other from a scattered network of home offices.  

There was already plenty of worry surrounding our health, family life, social division and political divides. As we vacated our shared office space, anxiety increased, and there was sincere concern that MJ’s culture would be fractured.  

It wasn’t. 

I shouldn’t be surprised; and in all honesty, I am not. But I am remarkably grateful. Grateful for a team of associates that bought in to everything MJ stands for. Grateful for their continued passion, commitment, determination, innovation, humor and curiosityall words that are integral to our culture.  

MJ team members stepped up. We enjoyed a quick and seamless transition to a virtual environment. We supported ongoing peer development and wellbeing. We continued to make a difference in our communities through the MJ Foundation, MJ’s Diversity, Equity + Inclusion initiative, and a new Together4Impact campaign to provide relief to our local communities during the pandemic. 

On a personal note, I learned so much more about my family during 70-straight dinners together. I had time for personal reflection, and I am determined to focus on growth opportunities, positively impacting others and being a servant leader in the coming year. I sincerely hope you found some new daily routines or passions that you can carry forward as well. 

My ultimate takeaway from 2020? We don’t have to be physically together to remain united. Knowing that provides tremendous hope and confidence for the future. Watch out 2021here we come