Today is World Humanitarian Day. A day dedicated to honoring aid workers around the world who risk their own lives to help save and improve the lives of others.

This year World Humanitarian Day comes as countries around the globe continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Aid and healthcare workers are overcoming unprecedented hurdles to helppeople during this humanitarian crisis. From providing food to vulnerable people in need, caring for the sick and responding to emergencies within minutes, aid and healthcare workers demonstrate that they are real-life heroes.

Today we are taking time to honor these unsung heroes who are on the frontline providing emergency assistance. At MJ, this includes our associates, business partners, and clients who have loved ones who serve as aid or healthcare workers.  Two of our MJ associates have shared their personal connections.

Vickey Bundy, a client executive at MJ, has two family members who are serving as aid workers during this trying time. Shortly after the pandemic began, her step-son started working full-time as a firefighter – a career that he began at the age of 14, as a cadet. His wife, who is currently attending school to obtain her master’s degree to become a family nurse practitioner, works as a nurse at a local hospital. Both of these individuals pursued a field in which they are putting the care and concern for others first.

Brittany Dockmeyer, MJ’s human resource specialist, shared that her husband is a paramedic and fire fighter at a local fire department where he has worked as a paramedic for 13 years.

Like these brave individuals, aid and healthcare workers each have their individual “why”. Some thrive in high pressure situations and want to use this skillset to help others, while others have been in similar situations and want to give back to improve the lives of others. No matter the story, these workers are all real-life heroes and are vital during times like these. From all of us at MJ, we want to thank all of our healthcare and aid workers on the frontline of this pandemic to keep our communities safe.

Join the global conversation today by using the hashtag #RealLifeHeroes and share your story or a tribute to a loved one who’s on the frontline.