The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything about how we work, including how we support employees while working from home. Facing a wide range of challenging environments such as caring for elderly parents, assisting children with E-learning, or dealing with social isolation from being the sole individual in a household, the health and wellbeing of your employees should remain a top priority. But how do you make the most out of your corporate wellness plan without working from the corporate office?

We have developed 10 tips for making the most of your wellness plan while working from home. Consider instituting some of these solutions at your organization to show your employees continued support during these trying times.

  1. Reimburse employees for wellness subscriptions – Mindful breaks are vital during times like these and there are many wellness subscriptions on the market today including mindfulness/meditation apps like Headspace. Headspace helps reduce stress and improve focus through guided meditation.
  2. Send employees a wellness gift – Fresh fruit + vegetable boxes or meal-kits make a great wellness gift for ease and convenience. Consider subscriptions like Daily Harvest, HelloFresh, and Blue Apron. These boxes not only provide a nutritious meal but also can be a fun way to change up an employee’s nightly dinner and save previous time meal planning and prepping.
  3. Create a wellness challenge – Consider a DIY challenge that encourages employees to exercise, stay hydrated, or meet a daily step goal. For example, create a plank challenge where employees form teams and combine their total minutes planking to reach a goal. Planks are a great exercise because they engage the whole body and it’s a great break from sitting all day!
  4. Stay connected virtually – Weekly social hours or virtual lunch + learns can be a nice break from work. It also allows employees to recreate that sense of community found in the office while working from different locations.
  5. Reimburse employees for online fitness resources or apps – Since the pandemic began there have been restrictions to gyms and fitness classes, which can make getting regular exercise more difficult. Employers can offer reimbursement for fitness resources and apps, like Daily Burn, that allow employees to work out anywhere!
  6. Re-evaluate wellness program incentives – Be flexible in accommodating current circumstances with any employer wellness programs. Adapting programs to current circumstances can include anything from extending the deadlines to earn rewards, to replacing biometric/physician visits with alternate options (ex. telehealth wellness visit), or even suspending the program.
  7. Host a virtual health fair – Be sure to offer incentives to promote participation and motivation among employees. Also, consider asking vendors to participate in the health fair (if applicable).
  8. Implement an EAP for employees – An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is an employer-sponsored program that offers services or referrals to help employees cope with personal problems. This could include services for mental health, substance abuse, and stress management support.
  9. Offer employees financial wellness resources – When you help your employees by offering financial wellness resources that provide financial education and assistance, everyone wins. Consider offering resources like Your Money Line.
  10. Reimburse employees for creating their personal ergonomic workspace – Offer a stipend to your employees to help make their work-from-home space more comfortable. This can include offering reimbursement for items like computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, docking stations, desks or office chairs.

Don’t forget, MJ stands ready to help get your employees on the path to better health during this pandemic. Contact your MJ Consultant today with any questions or request for Population Health + Wellness resources.