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Generational misunderstandings are not a new problem. With each new generation entering the workforce comes a new set of challenges and demands. But when you add a global pandemic and massive technology shifts, you may find that your teams need specific help to continue to heal and move forward.

Our workforce now spans up to five generations, which can lead to even more challenges. Those generations that didn’t grow up with cell phones or email are now being forced to use virtual conference technologies and online collaboration tools due to this “new normal” brought about by the coronavirus crisis. So, what does this mean for your organization?

Join us for our next InspireYOU webinar on Tuesday, July 28 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET as Lindsay Boccardo, generational consultant and career strategist, unpacks the striking similarities between what this next generation wants out of work and what we see happening in our workplace cultures in response to the current crisis. Our agenda will include:

  • The history of the shift in expectations in the workplace
  • The four engagement factors that are true of younger generations
  • How you can increase the positive impact of a multi-generational workforce in your business as we all come back together
  • What employees look for from their leaders when handling the unknown
  • What the next generation of employees will be looking for in your company as you recruit

We look forward to sharing some great insight to help you and your team move forward during these unprecedent times.