Happy Insurance Awareness Day

Yesterday was National Insurance Awareness Day, a day typically reserved to remind business owners to review insurance policies to ensure proper coverage, but this year we decided to change it up. Because why not? 2020 has been anything but typical.

This year, we wanted to use this day to recognize the industry and its commitment to giving back and making a difference.

The insurance industry is much more than risk mitigation and transferal. We exist to extend and improve the lives of those we serve, and protect and improve our client’s businesses. It’s quite a noble profession if you ask us. And recently, we’ve seen firsthand how insurance helps people during some of life’s most challenging times.


The industry has been—and continues to be—an integral part of local communities across the country. In 2019, the Insurance Information Institute reported that the industry had contributed over $280 million in charitable donations.

MJ is dedicated to inspiring the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve. That includes giving back to the communities where we live and work, and supporting local organizations that are making a positive difference. Our associate volunteer service hours and charitable donation matching program are designed to reinforce and encourage our culture of giving back to the community. This commitment is further demonstrated by the creation of the MJ Foundation, allowing us to make a bigger impact in our communities and fulfill our organization’s purpose.

Most recently we partnered with Gregory & Appel to launch Together4Impact, a partnership to mutually support the local community through the collaboration of insurance and risk management organizations. With a goal to raise $100,000 for local communities impacted by COVID-19 in the areas of food, economic and family security, we crossed competitive boundaries and joined forces to benefit the Greater Central Indiana area and beyond.


In addition to being purpose-driven, the insurance industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities and immense growth potential. Insurance is a growing, and stable, industry sector. The Insurance Information Institute reports that in 2019, 2.8 million Americans were employed in the insurance industry with another 400,000 job opportunities to fill.

There are countless career paths available when you work in insurance, which is why our industry attracts people from a wide array of educational backgrounds. It has made MJ a melting pot of talent, where opportunities are made for the curious, passionate and determined. From careers in data analytics, information technology and software development to customer service, marketing, sales and finance—insurance has a job for you—no matter your background or experience.


If you’re interested in doing work that matters, and a chance to work with big problems and tough issues, a career in insurance may be for you.

Check out our career opportunities at MJ.