Data Protection During a Global Pandemic

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During this unprecedented global pandemic, you’re facing many challenges, both professional and personal. Have you considered corporate vulnerabilities while transitioning employees to work-at-home status? We have – and we’re eager to share important safeguards you can employ to keep your data safe.

Please join us (remotely!) for the next InspireYOU on all things Coronavirus and Cybersecurity.

  • Discover cybersecurity scenarios that may be new or particularly risky while businesses adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Learn how to protect your company, employees, and your data.

During this second session of our four-part Cybersecurity + Data Protection series presented in partnership with InfoArmor, our goal is to help you understand the motivation of hackers and how they leverage the distinct risks posed by remote communication and employee mindsets during a crisis. As in-person meetings are replaced by video, phone, email and texts, employee awareness and data encryption become even more important for data security. In addition, employees are more emotionally and psychologically susceptible to hackers and phishing attempts. This webinar will not only help you identify potential exposures you must address, but also give you the tools needed to ramp up security. We will also share examples of fraudulent coronavirus sites, as well as reliable sources of material you can use for decision making and employee or customer communication.

This is a new business environment for the entire nation, but not one we should fear given the right information.

We look forward to your participation during this important webinar – please invite any co-workers or friends you think could benefit from the information as well!