Aaron Parker, emerging leader

Aaron Parker believes MJ is a place that not only sets individuals up for success and long-term opportunity but also maximizes day-to-day experiences. “Every day is challenging. Every day is worthwhile. We don’t lose sight of the enjoyable work we do, but there’s always an investment in long-term growth and opportunity too,” he says. “Ultimately, I’ve learned that the more you work on yourself, the bigger impact you can have on MJ.”  

A political science major at Hanover College, Aaron hadn’t always planned a career in insurance. However, his first job out of college was with his own fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, where he was eventually named director of Risk Management. Aaron then worked for the State of Texas as senior insurance manager and Concordia University as their first director of Risk Management & Insurance.  

After his wife was transferred to Indianashe’s now executive director of Zeta Tau AlphaAaron was ready to make his own career move. “I was looking for meaningful work in the risk management and insurance field, and I wanted to land someplace that worked strategically with clients,” he explains. He knew MJ was the right fit after just one meeting with Jon Loftin, MJ’s President and COO, and Colin MacNab, MJ Risk Management ConsultantI jumped at the opportunity to build deep interpersonal relationships within MJ,” he says. “It’s something that is unique to MJ.” Aaron was hired as a client executive in the Risk Management + Commercial Insurance department and has since been promoted to Vice President, Client Experience.  

Words that MJ uses in our own Core Values come to life through AaronPassionate, Inspiring, Curious, Determined, Innovative and Fun. He is a tremendous mentor for our new hires, is a champion of strategyfor both his clients and MJand he’s always considering each decision through the lens of the client experience. “I’ve completely bought into the culture at MJ,” says Aaron. “And I really appreciate being able to wake up each day and know I’m making an impact on the lives of others.”  

Aaron’s talents are being noticed by the industry as wellhe’s been named an “Emerging Leader,” an award he’ll soon receive at the Emerging Leaders Conference in Austin, Texas. Of course, we’re not surprised. We’ve long been impressed by Aaron’s leadership capabilities, and it’s definitely recognition well-deserved.