MJ Associate hands a homeless man supplies

The employees have spoken. According to the 2018 Global Talent Trends study, there are three factors that employees and job candidates want:

  1. Permanent workplace flexibility
  2. A commitment to health and well-being
  3. Working with a purpose

It’s good to know this study reinforces the path MJ Insurance was already committed to following. In particular, we describe our culture as one that is built upon our six Core Values, which we believe empower our employees to live their best personal and professional lives. Our values are captured by these key words: Passionate, Inspiring, Curious, Determined, Innovative and Fun. So far so good!

Then there’s our Purpose, which is not just a set of words but a way of life around here: MJ exists to inspire the success, fulfillment, and wellbeing of each person we serve: our associates and their families, business partners, clients and our community.

One concrete example of this dedication to our Purpose is how our team serves the community. Not only do our employees choose two charitable organizations every two years—one in Indianapolis and one in Phoenix—where we focus the majority of our time and resources, but we also provide time off so our staff can volunteer in other ways as well. Ultimately, our team gives over 2,100 hours annually to serve almost 40 different organizations. To us, that’s a real point of pride, but we also believe it’s a key reason people are attracted to and remain with MJ for many years.

If you’d be interested in a career that doesn’t just pay the bills, but also feeds your passions, we hope you’ll consider MJ. We’re always looking for talented people who want to make a difference!

Check out the variety of available positions here (and please share our story with others who may be looking for a rewarding career as well).