Living and Giving with Gratitude

Michael H Bill and Michael M Bill at MJ's 50th Anniversary Celebration

One of the best lessons I took from working with my dad, who founded MJ Insurance as a two-person start-up back in 1964, is to never take things for granted but to accept them with gratitude.

This adage is something that’s been remarkably easy, and I attribute it to the wonderful people I get to work with. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by such an amazing team. I had the incredibly good fortune to get to know my dad as a business person in addition to learning from him without reservation. Imagine being comfortable enough to tell your boss anything and knowing he will be equally honest with you. He was always steps ahead of me, paving the way, but also providing me the freedom to set my own path.

His example still inspires me to model my own business relationships in a similar way, to strive each day to build and nurture my connections with others at MJ, as well as our partners, clients, and community. After all, what’s the point of work—especially in insurance where our charge is to help protect people and the things most important to them—if you don’t have a relationship with those you serve? Without that bond, everything is just a business transaction. With that bond, there’s remarkable satisfaction in even the smallest tasks.

I’m grateful for the trust people put in us and appreciative of the opportunity to deliver against MJ’s Purpose every day: to inspire the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve. We’re always searching for more ways to do this, so I’m particularly excited to end 2019 with plans underway to unveil the new MJ Foundation in 2020. Our foundation will give us yet another platform for service that I believe best reflects the gratitude we share. We’re taking nothing for granted at MJ, and we’re looking forward to giving back with a grateful and full heart.

Until there’s more to share about the foundation, I want to close out the year with a simple but very sincere thank you. You’ve already made my journey at MJ a grand one. Here’s to more great strides ahead! Happy New Year!