An IT View of the Holidays

Chaad Miller smiles at the camera

There’s so much to be thankful for this holiday season—family, friends, health, technology.


Absolutely! Because technology has the power to transform. Especially when you work at MJ, which has made a substantial investment in technology over the past decade. MJ is at the leading edge of this, not only when compared to most businesses in general, but particularly when you measure our advancements against firms within the insurance industry (which has a historical reluctance to digitize and innovate). It’s one of the main reasons I came to work for MJ. Here, I have an opportunity to innovate and make a difference. To provide a truly exceptional experience for users—our clients and our employees.

As MJ’s Chief Information Officer, I’m particularly grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to add innovative tools that not only help us do our jobs better but more importantly, simplify and enhance the insurance process for our clients.

In the two short years since my arrival at MJ, we’ve made significant investments in IT infrastructure improvements, launched APERTURE (MJ’s proprietary analytics tool), and doubled the size of our data architecture and engineering team.

When it comes down to it, these upgrades are about far more than just bits, bytes, and bandwidth.

From my perspective, the investments MJ has made in new technology mean we’re putting the future in focus. It means my company wants to do all it can to take care of our clients. It signifies our understanding that efficiency, security, accuracy, and 24/7 accessibility matters. It demonstrates respect for our clients’ time and money.

Ultimately, it reflects an appreciation for their business—which we most definitely have. Now that’s something to celebrate.