Meet MJ’s Story-Teller Extraordinaire

Kirsten Bell smiling while speaking to associate

After years at a Nashville news station where she worked her way up from an internship position to assignment editor, Kirsten Bell made the switch to an industry she knew nothing about—insurance—yet the transition was remarkably smooth. Kirsten’s ability to translate complicated information into easy-to-understand stories made her the ideal candidate for her current position at MJ as Employee Benefits Communications Specialist, a brand-new role at the agency when she first joined the team almost four years ago.

“I wanted to be a writer,” says Kirsten, “and that’s what this job seemed to be—an opportunity to make employee benefits information more understandable.” She now works closely with clients to increase employee engagement and utilization of their organization’s benefits program using the skills set she first developed in the news industry.

And she’s making an impact.

Kirsten enjoys what she does, describing it as more than just communications. “It’s understanding things like a company’s benefits philosophy, culture and business goals so we can develop creative initiatives that are tailored to each organization,” she explains. As a result, MJ can deliver very targeted messaging that addresses specific employee concerns.

Not only does Kirsten appreciate the chance to be innovative and have a bit of fun, she values the culture at MJ. “I get to have a fulfilling career here, but also work with people I genuinely like, and I have good work-life balance too.”

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