Meet MJ’s Senior Risk Analyst, Wes Edrington

Wes Edrington, Senior Risk Analyst

Wes Edrington is a numbers and science guy—and now he’s got a promising career in the insurance industry. So how did that happen, you ask?

After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a degree in physics and math (where he also played shortstop for the university’s baseball team), Wes began work at a software company. During his two years there, he served as a liaison between developers and operations, became more technically proficient in software technology and even earned an online master’s degree from the University of Nebraska—no small feat for a then 23-year-old.

A shared connection through high school baseball eventually led Wes to an introductory meeting with MJ and an invitation to join the team. What tempted Wes to make the move? In addition to the compensation package, it was the opportunity to innovate in an industry which historically lacked innovation and an opportunity to work with people he truly liked. Honestly, it felt like a home run.

Since his arrival, Wes has been instrumental in building out APERTURE™ for the Risk Management + Commercial Insurance side of our business along with implementing other tech upgrades and process efficiencies.  “For a company of only 150 people, MJ has a grand vision, yet we maintain a family feel with healthy, constructive conflict that’s always driving us toward our goals,” says Wes. And although he describes those goals as lofty, he emphasizes that “everyone here believes they are attainable and are working hard to get there.”

When asked what he has enjoyed about his career move to insurance, he explains, “It’s all about the data—but it hasn’t been done well throughout the industry since the beginning. That means there’s all kinds of opportunity to automate and innovate. And I love that. We get to reconcile what hasn’t been done in the past and make a huge impact going forward.”

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