ACA Compliance Bulletin: IRS Expands Preventive Care for HDHPs to Include Chronic Conditions


On July 17, 2019, the IRS released Notice 2019-45 to add care for a range of chronic conditions to the list of preventive care benefits that can be provided by a high deductible health plan (HDHP) without a deductible.

Individuals who are covered by an HDHP generally may establish and make contributions to a health savings account (HSA). To qualify as an HDHP, the plan cannot provide benefits for any year until a minimum deductible is satisfied. However, an HDHP may provide benefits for preventive care without imposing a deductible.

IRS Notice 2019-45 classifies certain medical care services and items, including prescription drugs, for chronic conditions as preventive care for individuals with those chronic conditions.


This guidance makes it easier for HDHP participants to receive benefits for medications and other care to treat their chronic conditions. Employers with HDHPs should review their plan documents and consult with their carriers and benefit administrators, if necessary, to determine how their plans cover preventive care benefits.

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