Morgan Agster smiling.

Would you be surprised to know that a background in competitive figure skating, a college degree in nutritional science and work experience as a national sorority leadership consultant could all lead to a career in insurance? Yet that’s precisely the background of Morgan Agster, who joined MJ Insurance in 2017 and currently serves as account manager in our Benefits Consulting department.

You see, insurance is all about rewarding talent and hard work, so a degree in risk management or business isn’t a requirement for launching a lucrative career in our industry. And because we’re open to hiring people with different backgrounds, the resulting diversity has helped us create a dynamic workforce that drives some real innovation.

“I never really thought I would end up in the insurance world,” says Agster, “but, wow, I am so glad I did. There is something new to learn every single day, and I love that insurance has become something I can ‘geek out’ on. Not to mention, MJ is so much more than a job; it is a career and a passion.”

When’s the last time you heard such a ringing endorsement of a job? Agster credits much of her enthusiasm to the training and responsibilities she’s been given, but she also notes the relationships created with carriers, clients and coworkers. As she explains, “My MJ family is hands down one of my best support systems and my biggest cheerleaders. They have been so supportive in every aspect of my life, not just in the office, and always have my back.”

If you think you’d like to “geek out” on insurance yourself, why not consider a position at MJ? It’s a great career choice that Agster notes “10 out of 10 would recommend!” Check out our most recent job postings today.