Water, Water Everywhere…

Woman looking at water damage in her home.

Although these three words are borrowed from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, they capture the heartbroken sentiments many homeowners experience after a failure in their internal plumbing system has caused water to flow throughout their home. Sometimes for many hours or days.  

Just how common are losses like this?  Research from the Insurance Information Institute reveals that losses caused by the errant flow of water from inside a home are the second leading cause of loss to a home, trailing only damage caused by wind and hail.  Water damage claims are not only a frequent cause of loss, but the amount of damage to your home and personal possession is usually extensive.

As one of the largest independent agents in the nation specializing in personal risk consulting,  we have over five decades of experience helping homeowners to evaluate and implement cost efficient and highly effective solutions that greatly reduce this risk.  Any who wish to research the many issues and different solutions that are available can study this great article posted in the International Risk Management Institute.  For those who would prefer to work with someone who has the experience to recommend the right solutions to keep the water in your home where it belongs—in your plumbing system—we’d be happy to help. Give us a call or connect with us today!