Is It Time To Reinvent Your Career?

Why Insurance Might Be The Perfect Fit

Two MJ insurance associates.

It’s not uncommon to want a change. As career-change coach Natasha Stanley says, “The single career path or job-for-life certainly isn’t dead, but it’s becoming more and more likely that people will go through at least one career change in their lifetime.” Could insurance be your ticket to more satisfaction and personal or financial reward? I think so, and several of our MJ associates are perfect examples of just that.

Ryan Daniele, who joined MJ Insurance in 2015 as a client executive in our Risk Management + Commercial Insurance department, was quickly promoted to director of strategy and operations. He’s smart, innovative and enthusiastic, so it’s no surprise that he’s been recognized as one of the industry’s rising stars with nomination as an Emerging Leader at the inaugural Emerging Leaders Conference in Miami this week.

While Ryan joined us from another insurance agency, bringing tremendous insurance-specific knowledge, that’s certainly not the only route into our dynamic industry. Morgan Agster joined MJ Insurance in 2017 after working as a leadership consultant for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. The skills she acquired while traveling to different campuses nationwide to support collegiate women’s leadership training and chapter development helped her easily transition to her initial role as assistant account manager in our Benefits Consulting department. And it wasn’t long until she was promoted to account manager, illustrating MJ’s quick reward for good talent.

Whether you’re already working within the insurance industry or in a field seemingly unrelated, know that your abilities, personal goals and unique interests can be parlayed into a remarkably rewarding insurance career. Also, know that you’re wanted here, which can make every day at work a true pleasure. And don’t forget that FUN is actually part of our written purpose, which makes a daily difference.

So if you’re ready to take the next step to a great career, be sure to check out our most recent job opportunities and also read our three prior blogs on innovation and technology, the MJ culture and common myths about insurance, all written along with this blog to celebrate the four weeks of Insurance Careers Month. We hope to receive an application from you soon!