The Best Gifts

Christmas, New Year blog graphic.

Some of the best gifts you will receive this holiday season will arrive in an envelope. Just a piece of paper. Many with a smiling photo. Others with simply a quickly written signature. But all arrive with intent – an intent from the sender to let you know you’re important to them.

As you pull your next holiday card from the mailbox, pause to think about that. Each card received represents a relationship, whether decades-old or newly formed. And that makes those cards among the most valuable blessings of the season.

I’d like this blog to serve as my card to you.

While it’s just words on a screen, it’s our moment to connect – and it’s an opportunity to thank you, with true sincerity. Whether you’re an MJ associate, client, business partner or simply someone who stumbled upon MJ online today, our relationship matters. And I’m beyond grateful.

It’s been a pretty remarkable year at MJ. We welcomed 28 new associates, debuted a new corporate brand identity, moved our headquarters to a collaborative new office space and invested significantly in additional resources—Learning & Development, Analytics and Technology). Even though our results were superior, the most important results are the relationships maintained and built.

So along with my thanks, I send my well wishes. May the holidays this year give you many reasons to smile, plenty of moments to remember and an opportunity to look back with gratitude, as well as forward with excitement.

Happy holidays from MJ!