Gratitude the other 364 days of the year

Thankfull + grateful blog graphic.

In the Risk Management industry, we often work with people during times of loss. Yet it’s amazing how quickly so many clients shift from focusing on their loss to embracing a perspective of gratitude. Realizing what was spared or how they gained new insight going forward. How their loved ones remained safe or their business persevered. We see this time and again on the news – people’s ability to find the good during a tragedy. I think of all the families that have lost their homes in the California fires. In the midst of devastation, they find reason to be grateful. The attitude of these survivors reminds us of something powerful: that gratitude and challenging times can co-exist.

My hope is that the gratitude we celebrate at Thanksgiving can evolve to become a daily habit, not just something we pause to do on a holiday. It’s easy to feel thankful during the good; but what about expressing gratitude even during challenging times? This I know: there’s always something to appreciate.

I recently sent a note to some MJ associates following a particularly productive meeting. Yes, they were just doing their jobs, but they were doing it with passion, collaboration and commitment. They embodied our Purpose in a very real way and I realized that because of them, I learn something new every day. The same is true for our clients, and while I appreciate their business, I am even more indebted to them for their trust and friendship.

So before, during – and long after Thanksgiving, I want every associate, client and business partner to know that I am incredibly grateful for their role in our success and the ways they challenge, engage and help us each to become better at what we do. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!